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Triple Split Level Garden!

Triple Split level garden with Breakfast patio on the lower level , to catch the morning sun adorned with a #Pergola, and covered with 10mm twin wall polycarbonate. Bespoke #waterfeature just off the patio which sounds fantastically tranquil. Steps up to the second level where the evening patio catches the evening sun. #Tobbermorepaving historic slate flags and bracken flags laid to both patios with granite sets to borders and finish all round.

All the stone on this one was making it a challenge to be interesting, but we used 25mm limestone chip, 6mm limestone chip, 8mm Donegal quartz, And 40/60mm round mixed gravell bed stone for the finishes to mix it up. And it works well.

The back wall is planted in hornbeam which will be splayed out in a Pleached hornbeam fashion in time to cover the back wall. Reaching a depth of 6 to 8 inches maximum in time and covering the wall iwith a natural nesting habitat.

The planting on the upper level is a mix of large shrubs and perennial plants with alpines to cascade over the capping.

A sand pit for the cats in the second level is being used frequently and seems to have stopped them digging at the gravel. This level, including the sandpit is surrounded with Nepeta ( catmint) no wonder the cats are happy. The Donegal quartz is planted in a mix of ornamental grasses and interplanted with wild native mallow to give a meadow type feel to it. The lower level has a mixture of potted container plants So with the

right plants in the right places, this place was alive with #Bees as we tidied up the last of the jobs earlier. The timber fencing also helps to soften the #landscape and gives that more natural feel to it. Lights and electrical sockets also added to the patios and water feature that makes for an interesting nighttime garden. A job like this takes time to complete, but with the main Garden Center Season and then throw a few spaners in the works , it gets dragged out even more. So much so that I could’ve swore I spotted, out the corner of my eye, the lovely, patient clients that we were working for, locking the gates and che

ering as we drove off. it was an absolute pleasure Sinead.

Thanks for having us to create your Garden.

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